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Join CURE-19 Studies from our Partners
If you are a research sponsor with a non-profit study, we will run it for free so long as all data becomes public.
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Donate your symptom data and get free DNA testing.
Gain access to personalized reports on your health, wellness, and traits. These reports are unique to you and tailored to your genetic data.

Status: Enrolling
Population: COVID-19 Hospitalized Patients
Get paid to donate a simple blood sample.
Your data will be used to create the most comprehensive multi-omics dataset for COVID-19 patients.

Status: Coming soon
Population: All adults
Poop for the cure! Get paid for your stool samples.
Your data will be used to explore the human gut microbiome for COVID-19 biomarkers. You will also get a $50 gift card for participating.

Status: Enrolling
Population: COVID-19 Positive Patients
CURE-19 is built on Curebase, a rigorous clinical trial platform that was battle tested long before COVID-19 started.
Privacy by design
HIPAA Compliant. All data is deidentified before sharing with any 3rd parties.
FDA submittable
Adheres to all mandated software development regulations. Data can go all the way to theFDA.
Consent at every stage
Institutional review boards have reviewed and approved our patient consenting features.
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How it Works
Tell us about your COVID-19 history.
Use Curebase to track your symptoms while you are still healthy. Donate your anonymized symptom and health data to research.
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Connect your medical records and smart devices.
With your authorization, we can also obtain and de-identify information from your medical history, personal devices (like smart watches), and records from any hospital stays you have. These connections make your COVID-19 story a powerful dataset for researchers while maintaining your privacy.
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Join clinical studies that fit your profile from home.
CURE-19 hosts paid and public opportunities. If you continue to submit data, you may be selected to join our other COVID-19 related clinical trials, some of which include free testing and access to medical services.
Our approach is scientific and led by doctors and researchers.
Shobi Ahmed, MD, PhD
Clinical Investigator at Curebase
Dr. Rick Altice, MD
Infectious Disease Specialist and Epidemiologist at Yale
Dr. Brian Chow, MD
Infectious Disease Specialist at Tufts Medical
Dr. Jose Caro, MD
Infectious Disease Specialist at Tufts Medical
Mark Hensley, MS
Biostatistician and Epidemiologist at Curebase
Dr. Charlie Baum, MD, MS, FACG
President and Founder of Encore Health
Dr. Dan V. Nicolau, MD, PhD
Associate Professor and Future Fellow of the ARC, Queensland University of Technology and Oxford University
Glenn-Milo Santos, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor at UCSF and a Senior Research Scientist at SFDPH